Art for the Wall

friend devilROMAN MURAL

Flower DaySpirit Ride

seen sheep 12.18f

Bee Dazzled

Loves Me NOTMade to be StupidApprehensionProphetic DesignLosing Time LostLeap 2019.moving-at-standstill.8.12Moving at a Stand Still       8×10 inches     mix media   2019

expiration dateExpiration Date         8×10  inches           2019

19.lurking-variables.13.10Lurking Variables       8×11  inches   2019  mix media




new art8A sign of Hope        16×20 inches       2019


new art7Third Eye Kitty       9×12 inches    2020


new art6A Study of Random Thoughts   

16×20 inches        2020


new art4Under Calculating       16×20 inches      2020


new art3Instinctual Folly     20×30 inches      2020

new art2Interpretation of a Memory  20×30 inches  2020

new art 1Witness the Days   20x 30 inches 2020

time was once upon timeAnd the story never endslost.found 16.26sense of timewind time windink.wheelstill life w. three landscapespath for the Psychopompextinction of the dire wolfSticks.stone 11.18looking through others

See through Others 2019

burning bush

Burning Bush    9 x 13 inches  2019



over the yearsManipulating egosSurveying the landcapetracing your steps 14.24.2fish out of water12.10.2.5Calculatedevery thought silver liningdsmith.14.8judge.wanddsmith.seearoundfuture.12.10

Blind ambitionsFloating Rockschoosing memoriesWishful thinking.6.9Fish Talk Two.7.9.Observational Gossip.11.9

seeing straight aheadSplitting hareInquiries at

Dancing Homagecosmic catInclined tolight touchThis is not PoliticalWisp of the Whim


HEAD IN THE cloudsGlogal thoughtscircumstance of a lost sailor

Waiting for themUrban travel


pursuing passion
Pursuing Passion

illustration 6

those daysbrass-ringbirdhousebike-thoughtsSome work on sale at

Inquiries at


Mix Media “The Crow,the Snake and the Pearls

Recent works on paper.



thinking thoughtsuntitled dreamdsmith.1000 thoughtsMARSCAPE1bohdi time16x7x3Attitude adjust 12x16x2Snake the bird and the pearls20x15x4love and hatepleading the psychopomp22.13.2testing fate20.15.4patriot24.8.3horse with no name24.9.2dream interpetation12.14.2Idscape4.6salvations14.11.1business mind 19x13x4What R U saying13x16x1.5Flight 18x18x2 Orators words 14x12x3 seven thoughts 14x19x2 DogstarDominos_19x6x3


StarMechanics_18x7x3dsmith_image#3dsmith_image#2dsmith_image#1.DenSmith_MeditatedGooDenSmith_GermanicMythflowermandogondsmith.Image#7Adsmith.Image#5dsmith.Image#1dsmith.Image#4dsmith.Image#3dsmith.Image#10Adsmith.Image#10dsmith.Image#6dsmith.Image#9.DenSmith_Pressured.1_16x12x4  DenSmith_Pressured.2_16x12x4 DenSmith_A Bang.2_16x12x7 DenSmith_A Bang.1_16x12x7

Pi.isquare Pi.numerological

  Tether.mixmed.14x7x1.85Pi.investigateStack.mix med.14x10x3.200


Icarus preflight


stick stone bone2


DSMITH.phospene lights


mix media 13 x 13 x 2 inches
mix media
13 x 13 x 2 inches

fishy thought

dogone twinstar

give and take


open book 12.16.3


a brush with truth





   storynhalf.8.14.4 having words 11.21.4


2 thoughts on “Art for the Wall

  1. evrything’s great and fun to look at. so nice to have a place to keep eye an out for your work. thank you kind sir. i shall be back for more…hmmm?
    dna effects effects atom

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