Selected Artwork

My name is Dennis Smith, I am in the studio everyday creating . I am posting a few new pieces but keep checking back, I have some new inspiration I am working on. Check out some of the new sections above, Murals, Models and Displays and Mixed Media Signs.   Contact me at with questions.

  love hate three viewsgive and take

seriuoslynaturaltomsawyer14.24.2open book 12.16.3a brush with truthsevensinsillust 4


4 thoughts on “Selected Artwork

  1. barney and i love your artwork….especially the three legged piece you made for his 30th anniversary with AT&T….a true momento to Barney’s fan-ship of The Dead!

  2. Howdy!

    I bought one of your clocks at the Rock and Roll Craft Show last November and absolutely love it! It was towards the end of the day when I purchased it and you were gone already, and nobody knew how to contact you, so I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate the piece.

    Take care.

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