About the Artist

I have been a working artist for over forty years.I hold two studio degrees,  I create my art fabricating wood into wall pieces, useful boxes and sculptures. I finish my work with a variety of painting techniques.  I am also an illustrator and I have created set designs, murals, large exhibit design and fabrication. I am well rounded and enjoy creating in all mediums. Check out all my sections and see if you find something you enjoy. You can find a list of shows and exhibitions in the Artist Information section

7 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Denny,
    Thank you for the housewarming gift and the secondary piece. Both grace our home and add much to the joy we get from being around your art.

    We are humbled and grateful.

    Colleen and Barney

  2. I am a 39 year old mother of one, and have always been creative in my own way. I just saw your art work at the `Strange Folk Fest` in O’Fallon,Il. I must say your work made me feel like in a candy store wanting to buy them all. Not working right now, I was not able to do so. I am sure thankful that I can keep up with your work online and one day purchuse it. Thank you for making this colorful, creative art my eyes can gaze upon. ~KrIsTeN

  3. I hear the Strange Folk Festival is no more. How can I add to my collection of your art that I have collected over the years? What’s coming up in the St Louis area??

  4. Amazing! (i would like the page but can’t remember password.) you’ve got an awesome body of work i know this is just a tiny fraction but it’s really all wonderful. my DS artwork is on display in my master bedroom, where there’s plenty of time to talk about art.

    1. Really thanks a lot coming from a seasoned artist yourself, visual or musical it’s all coming from the same place and you know where that is, it’s where it’s at.

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